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Unlock Athletic Potential

Optimize Recovery. Maximize Performance.

Injury Risk Assessment

At Sports Rehab LA, our expertise is helping elite athletes to reduce the risk of future injuries to unlocking new areas of potential athletic performance by providing the most cutting-edge & futuristic injury risk assessment system available that translates data insights gathered into individualized programs for injury risk-reduction practices and athletic performance training.

Our innovative sports-specific movement assessment will enable us to analyze your movement efficiency, agility, coordination, foot speed, power, sports-specific position, movement skills, muscle imbalance, and translate the data insights gathered into individualized programs to increase your body awareness, improve movement skills, injury risk-reduction practices, and athletic performance deficits. ​


  • Reduce injury days

  • Unlock new areas for growth

  • Keeps athletes on the field for longer and unlock potential

  • Enhances Movement of Fluid Out of Limbs​​

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