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Accelerate Recovery

Optimizing Athlete Performance

Orreco Blood Lab

At Sports Rehab LA, we use NormaTec PULSE Leg Recovery System as part of both physical therapy & exercise recovery. Whether you are rehabilitating an injury or just recovering from a killer workout, you will love these boots!

A unique solution that delivers enhanced decision making to world-class athletes & teams.


We apply advanced research-driven solutions in science and analytics to deliver actionable insights and strategies that help keep your players off the bench and ready to perform. Orreco’s scientists bring an unrivaled level of expertise to the fields of sports and data science.


"Training only takes you so far, recovery optimizes your efforts."

The Benefits:




  • Helps Cellulite

  • Enhances Movement of Fluid Out of Limbs​​

  • Prevention of DVT

  • Helps With Lymphatic Drainage

  • Reduces Inflammation

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